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Our Business Partners

Our Business Partners - IBM

MGI's Business Partner - Polaris

Polaris Solutions is a Maximo Service partner that collaborates with MGI on Utility client engagments in the USA. Developer of MaxInsight, a feature-rich business intelligence toolkit designed specifically for Maximo.

MGI's Business Partner - Reflective Solutions

Reflective Solutions is dedicated to providing software and services that allow their clients to protect and increase their brand and revenue. They enable this by ensuring clients' clients never experience performance problems or outages with the system our clients provide.

Reflective's StressTester is an enterprise class performance testing tool that enables users to quickly and simply create realistic and complex tests, allowing clients to identify potential performance problems before they have a negative impact on the company's bottom line.

Reflective's Sentinel effectively monitors availability, functionality and performance of web-based applications from both the users's and the underlying systems' perspectives.

MGI's Business Partner - EMA

EMA has been an industry mainstay for more than 35 years – providing utilities and municipalities with solutions that meet their business and technology needs.

MGI's Business Partner - DynamicHosting

DynamicHosting.Ca is one of Canada’s leaders in web hosting products and services. We offer a full spectrum of hosting products traditionally only found in US and European markets.

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