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Tivoli Common Reporting

Brings industry leading reporting suite to Tivoli customers at no additional charge.

Tivoli Common Reporting

Value that Cognos will bring to Tivoli customers

1. Simplified report editing

  • Launch web-based Report Studio in context from a report
  • You can run an out-of-the-box report, like an ITM report, and launch the editor in context to change something.

2. Ad-Hoc Reporting

  • Create ad-hoc, on the fly reports
  • Even novice users will be able to rapidly create reports with intuitive drag & drop function via the Query Studio, allowing for greater report usage with little training

3. Other capabilities

  • Automatic emailing of reports
  • Additional report formats
    • XML
    • Excel 2000 & 2000 Single Sheet, 2002, and 2007
    • CSV
  • Greater granular data security (row-level authorization)

Value Proposition

  • Provides a route to reporting consistency with other Tivoli products
  • Provides the basis for end-to-end reporting
    • Allowing report data correlation with other Tivoli product data and business data (e.g. asset management, financial planning etc)
    • Drives towards the longer term goal of single reports using data from multiple Tivoli products
  • Will provide ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Standard architecture (TIP/eWAS) will be supported
  • Allows customers access (via paid for upgrade) to IBM Cognos advanced analytics modules for advanced reporting capabilities never possible before
    • IBM Cognos Analytic Studio provides the capability to drill down, slice and dice to see what is driving client’s business:
      • What if Analysis
      • Trend Analysis and Forecasting

Tivoli Common Reporting - Report Designers

Query Studio

Available through the TIP interface

Query Studio

Report Studio

Launched via a drop down tool from the TIP interface

Report Studio

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