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Maximo® Professional Services

Deploying an enterprise solution like Maximo® requires experience and expertise, along with a thorough understanding of the key elements in a successful implementation. By developing a carefully orchestrated plan, resources are optimized, deployments are streamlined and clients can begin to immediately benefit from its intended use. Our Professional Services team has one primary goal – to make your deployment a success.

Our roots are in Maximo®, that is, MGI’s consultants have been working with Maximo® since version 3 and continue to offer Maximo® consulting services as the technology changes with the current version 7.5. We are a one-stop Maximo® shop and can help you configure/customize Maximo® to fit your business and/or help re-engineer your business process to fit Maximo®.

The following describes our Maximo® services;

Software Upgrades

For users who like to customize Maximo® upgrading can be a daunting task. MGI’s consultants have performed many upgrades of Maximo® applications. We have performed database conversions between Oracle,  DB2 and SqlServer, and upgraded custom applications, interfaces, and reports. We have seen and resolved a vast array of problems and have built a tool box of solutions to resolve yours.

Data Migration 

MGI’s data transformation services can be used to import and clean data from virtually any data source. This enables our clients to undertake more complex data conversion projects such as enterprise rollouts, and can include pulling asset data together from multiple sources (e.g. asset spreadsheets, accounts payable, network discovery, supplier sales lists).

System Integration

Our consultants and partners have proven experience implementing and customizing the standard Maximo® Enterprise Adapter (MEA) for Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, & JDEdwards. We have also developed many custom interface solutions for system not supported by the (MEA).

Database Reports

Our consultants have proven experience delivering integrated Maximo® reports using the following software:

  • BIRT Reports
  • Cognos / Tivoli Common Reporting
  • Actuate versions 5 to 8
  • Crystal Reports versions 6 to 11
  • SQR

To reduce the cost of report development and modifications, MGI offers off-site development services at our office.

Performance Testing and Monitoring

Maximo installations often suffer from performance and scalability problems, particularly when Maximo is customized. MGI’s performance services protect and maintain the stability of Maximo systems through the use of the latest performance testing and monitoring tools from Reflective Solutions. Whether you want to test the performance or continually monitor the performance of your Maximo installation, MGI has a solution to suit you.

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IT Professional Services

Understanding your requirements, challenges, and technology goals is the foundation of our customer-centric solutions. MGI’s professionals are skilled in a wide range of information technology solutions and offer a flexible resource to solve your short-term or long-term needs. The following describes our general IT service offerings:

Data Migration

MGI’s data transformation services can be used to import and clean data from virtually any data source. This enables our clients to undertake more complex data conversion projects such as enterprise rollouts, and can include pulling critical data together from multiple sources (e.g. financial spreadsheets, accounts payable, network discovery, supplier sales lists, etc).

Network / Database Administration

Our consultants are skilled in various Network environments and database platforms, and can offer you a short-term solution to your resourcing needs. While, it is not often economical to outsource a critical administration function MGI works with our clients to fill short term vacancies without impacting system uptime.

For smaller clients find employing full-time IT staff prohibitive, MGI offers outsourcing of IT administrative functions. Administrative functions can often be performed remotely which reduces costs and increases the availability our resources and your part-time IT staff.

Custom Development

Our consultants, analysts, and developers are skilled in delivering custom solutions to meet your unique requirements. Whether it is a custom application, enhancement to existing software or system integration MGI welcomes the challenge.

Some of our skills include:

  • Java, JSP, HTML
  • Visual Basic, C/C++
  • Oracle, SqlServer, DB2
  • Unix, Linux, Windows

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MGI Customer Support

MGI is always at your service for:
  • IBM Maximo L1 & L2 Support
  • MGI TruSupport on Demand
  • General Inquires